30 марта 2018 г.

Is binary options a cheating for losers? Opinion of specialists.

Over the past few years, to find simple earnings in the Internet, people came to online trading in binary options, and as a result, they was incredibly developed .

Today, by opening any information or specialized site you will necessarily stumble upon the advertisement of this trading tool or platform, which offers its brokerage services in the binary market. Aggressive approach to advertising and active promotion of the tool in the network attracted many non-professional investors in this field of activity and, of course, it is natural that the market of options was flooded with various scammers and scammers. The latter fact created many different myths and unprofessional conclusions on the work of the trading tool. Already biting statement "Binary options - a divorce for suckers" can be found on any specialized portal in discussions of investors who failed. We decided to offer a professional opinion on this issue. Binary options - divorce? The very issue itself speaks of the low level of professionalism of investors who work with this contract. Binary options can not be a tool for fraud or divorce traders, as they represent a legitimate trading tool. Binary options - a divorce for suckers !? Opinion of specialists. At the same time, we note that this direction of activity is very seriously regulated by special bodies supervising the financial market, among which the bulk of the European, American and Asian institutions. As you understand, abroad, the culture and legal purity of financial transactions at a higher level than we have, so binary options must be attributed to the legal means of dollar dollar earnings on the Internet. In addition, the work of the tool for almost 10 years did not go unheeded by law enforcement agencies of states where they are available online, and no one declared the illegality of the instrument as such. Yes, some countries regulate the operation of options in a non-standard way - for example, as a kind of betting bet or a lottery, but this is rather a legal interpretation of the work of the contract, rather than recognition of its insolvency as a means of trading. Based on this analysis, binary options can in no case be called deception. So what's the problem - we'll figure it out further. Earnings problems on binary options How to earn $300  a newbie without investing in the Internet? You need to open a demo account right here on your real email Go to the tournament page and choose from the list. Choose a tournament according to your taste - daily, weekly, weekend. The currency in the tournament account is virtual. This means that you do not risk your own money. In the daily tournaments the prize fund is $300; In the weekly tournaments the prize fund is $500  - $3000; The reasons that lead to the formation of a negative opinion about binary options lie on the surface: First, the low level of professionalism of investors. Let's take the average "Trader" who is looking for earnings on the Internet with attachments - this is often a person who has never encountered the market and does not know its technical processes and patterns. After reading the advertising review of the tool, he thinks "It's so simple and I can earn 10,000 per day on the Internet!". But everything is not so - trading, including binary, is a complex process based on profound professional analysis of the market, specialized strategies and techniques for working with financial assets and many other factors. Binary options - a divorce for suckers !? Opinion of specialists. Only a professional here can count on a stable and good profit! As for beginners, they immediately rush into the trade and regularly lose money, which gives them the right to talk about the illegality of binary contracts. But a simple analysis of errors and the study of the principles of trading immediately change the view in the bud! The second is the uncleanliness of brokers in the binary market. It's no secret that large financial assets attract fraudsters - it became literally a boom in the dawn of binary trade. The market was flooded with companies that frankly tried to steal investors' funds. Of course, today with such problems traders face less often, but this issue is relevant. Brokers have a wide range of opportunities in the matter of deception: these are technical manipulations with quotes, and unrealizable conditions for monetizing funds, and verifying trading accounts of investors, and much more. As a result, such actions inflict reputational harm to binary options as an instrument of trading in the financial market and form the view that binary options are a divorce for suckers. However, what is the fault of the instrument itself? Yes, nothing, it was designed as an adapted version of the classic options for earning online medium-term investors and traders! Given this, you can draw a definite conclusion - if you work at a professional level, you have the necessary knowledge and experience in the analysis of the market, then options are a means of earning on the Internet without deception and fraud.

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