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Earnings on selling texts - writing articles

Surely many were wondering about how you can make money on the Internet if you do not have a website. Today, there is a huge amount of earnings on the Internet without initial seed capital. In this article we will focus on one of the most popular ways - writing texts, writing articles for websites (copywriting, rewriting, translations).

We will try to answer the most popular questions on this type of earnings in a simple language. Let's start in order.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting means writing articles for websites, blogs, which provide useful information for the reader. Articles should be informative, interesting, so that the reader when they come to the site, could easily read it.

Why can I earn money on writing texts?

Every day on the Internet there are tens and hundreds, new Internet resources, which need a regular addition of information.

Not always the owner of the resource can independently write articles for his site. Someone has no time, someone just does not know how and prefers to trust people who know the point, that is, to copywriters.
The customer comes to the stock exchange of articles and searches for the material for their requests, or cooperates with the copywriter directly and gives an individual order.

And sometimes the site requires a huge amount of material daily - media sites, websites - portals, where information is added in large volumes, daily. Just writers work on an ongoing basis, and they can be a whole team of 20-50 people.

Narrowly specialized resources are looking for text editors and just copywriters with a deep understanding of the business.

What for?

They need a quality text, a person who understands their industry. That's when the necessary article will turn out, which is not a shame to put on the site of the plant polypropylene pipes say.

What are the texts of the sites?

Copyright. Author's article, in which you share your experience or describe something. The bottom line is that all the information you present in the text is your thoughts, the whole article you write out of your head.
The most demanded kind of texts, especially from the professionals of their craft.


In this case, writing material based on other people's articles. You read one or more articles on the Internet, and you tell it in your own words. Do not copy word for word, but tell it the way you understand, how you can understand the reader. The main thing in writing such content is not to miss out on the meaning of the article you read. Otherwise, it will be a set of words that will be uninteresting to the reader.

You translate the article from any language into English, or vice versa. Without losing the essence of information.
Translators especially technical meanings, even from English to Hindi, can earn a decent job since it is very difficult to find such a professional.

SEO - article. 

A distinctive feature of the usual article is that you add keywords to the text that the customer gives you. These articles are used to promote the site. For the most part, a little more expensive than regular copywriting.

Where to start to earn money on writing articles?

First, you need to understand if you like it. If you have negative emotions when writing an article, and you do not really like it, then do not do it, because you can not develop creatively.

Of course, there have been cases when a person does not like it, but after he wrote several of his articles, he seemed to become obsessed with it. He likes to learn something new and talk about it on paper. Generally, the writing of texts is very developed in various areas, as you constantly learn something new.

About expensive subjects

I would recommend not to chase the spheres, where there is much more money. For today it's such niches as

  • Forex Trading
  • Credits
  • Banks
  • Cargo transportation
  • Plastic windows
  • Special machinery


In order to buy an article from you, and then there were no problems, it should be written really qualitatively. Qualitatively, it is at least to know the specifics of the industry. Therefore, write the texts on the topics you are familiar with.

Take a sheet of paper and write down for yourself the areas in which you are most familiar. For example, you are an angler with experience, or are well versed in technology and can share tips on how to choose a particular device. Write a few articles and you will notice how one topic entails another because you are well versed on the topic. After a certain practice, you can study new areas.

Where and to whom should I sell my text?

Have reached the most important, how on the Internet earn on writing articles? Written articles, you place on stock exchanges of content. There are quite a lot of them on the Internet. Register, then publish your articles for sale, where they are bought by site owners and placed on their site. An important rule, after the sale of the article, the owner becomes the buyer. Accordingly, you can not place it somewhere or sell it on another exchange, because it will be non-existent

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