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10 ways to receive passive income

When someone is looking for possibility to earn extra income, he is often advised to look for a temporary part-time occupation. If you have no time and passion to do this? You are looking for ways to receive passive income with earning money using a little investment of time and effort on your part.

Try mutual funds

Mutual funds allow you to receive passive income from investments in the stock market absolutely doing nothing. For example, if you invest in a fund based on the S&P 500 index, your funds will be invested in the common market, and you will not have to think about how to manage your money and whether it is worth selling or buying shares of certain companies. These operations will be managed by the fund, which forms investment portfolio depending on the state of the specific index.

Read more about forming of the portfolio methods and algorythms

There are funds that operate with many indice and are involved in many sectors of economics - energy, precious metals, banking, emerging markets and others. You only need to decide for yourself what you want to do, then invest money and wait for income. From now on, your portfolio will operate on automatically.

Buy high-yield stocks

By creating a portfolio of high yield stocks, you will receive a source of regular passive income with an annual interest rate that is much higher than the interest of bank deposits.

Do not forget that high-yielding stocks are still stocks, so there is always the possibility of a revaluation of capital. In this case, you will profit from two sources - from dividends and profits on invested capital. To purchase such shares and fill out the relevant forms, you will need to create a brokerage account.

Publish videos on YouTube

The sphere of internet video is developing quickly. You can shoot videos of absolutely any category - music, training, comedy, movie reviews - everything you count as useful content and then upload it to YouTube. Then to these videos you can connect Google AdSense, and they will automatically advertise. Viewers interested in advertisement will generate passive income, that you can receive on your bank card from Google AdSense.

Your task is to create worthy material, promote them into social networks, Google adwords and use youtube means of promoting (that also  involve Google context advertisement network) and maintain enough of them to ensure your income with several clips. Remove and mount the video is not so simple, but in this way you can create a source of completely passive income, able to last a very long time while there is an interest to your material.

Not sure if you succeed on YouTube? Michelle Fan combined her love to cosmetics and drawing with video shooting, gained more than 8 million subscribers, and now she opened her company with a capitalization about $800 millions.

Try affiliate marketing and start to sell

This is a technique of passive earnings, more suitable for blog owners and active Internet sites. You can start promoting any products on your site and receive a fixed fee or a percentage of sales.

Earning in this way is not as difficult as you might think, because many companies are interested in selling their products in as many places as possible.

You can find suggestions about partnership either directly to producers, or on profile sites. Best of all, if the advertised product or service is interesting to you or corresponds to the theme of the site.

Make your photos to generate a profit on the web

Do you like to take pictures? If so, you can turn it into a source of passive income. Photobanks, such as Shutterstock and iStockphoto, can provide you with a platform for selling images. You will receive a percentage or a flat rate for each photo sold to the client of the site.

In this case, each photo is a separate source of income, which can work again and again. You only need to create a portfolio, upload it to one or more platforms, and this will end your active activities. All technical issues of sales of photos are solved using a web-based platform.

Write an e-book

Of course, this can be a rather laborious process, but when you write a book and place it on trading floors, it will be able to provide you with revenue for years. You can sell the book on your own website or enter into a partnership agreement with other sites that are relevant to the subject matter of the book.

Write a real book and get a royalty

As in the case of writing an e-book, you will first have to work here. But when the work is finished, and the book goes on sale, it will become a completely passive source of income.

This is especially applicable to situations where you will be able to sell the book to a publisher who will pay you a sales fee. With each copy sold, you will receive a percentage, and if the book is popular, these percentages may result in substantial amounts. In addition, these payments can last for years.

Mike Piper from ObviousInvestor.com recently did this. He wrote the book "Investment in plain language," which was sold only on Amazon. The first book became so profitable that he created a whole series. These books in total bring him six-figure amounts annually.

Get cash-back from credit card transactions

Many credit cards provide cashback in the amount of 1% to 5% of the purchase amount. You still go shopping and spend money, right?
Such bonuses allow you to provide yourself with a kind of passive "income" (in the form of a reduction in spending) from the actions that you still do.

Sell ​​on the Internet your own products

In this sphere, the possibilities are endless: you can sell almost any product or service. It can be something you created and made with your own hand or be a digital product (programs, DVDs or training videos)

For trading, you can use a profile resource, if suddenly you do not have your own site or blog. In addition, it is possible to conclude a partnership agreement by offering products to sites of related topics or by using platforms like ClickBank (American marketplace for selling digital information products - ed.).

You can learn how to sell products on the Internet and earn a lot on it. Maybe it's not completely passive income, but it certainly is passive than the usual work, which must be sent every morning.

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